High school students in Australia face the dreaded HSC, which some describe as a “taxing experience” or even a “blood sport.” And the HSC exam is currently on course to be completed by more than 68,000 students, making it the most sought-after academic certificate in the nation. This, unfortunately, also implies that a huge amount of academic pressure, intense anxiety, and “above-average levels” of stress are placed on a large number of students. Although a crucial phase in any Year 12 student’s life, you don’t have to become a stressed-out, exhausted mess before the test. You can achieve the ATAR you deserve while still keeping your physical well-being (and sanity) intact by using these study hacks for HSC success.

Be Organized

Organization is key for any important exam or assessment.

You are getting ready for the test that will determine whether or not you get into college after high school. To keep up with all of your studies and their issues, you must make sure you have all the information, notes, and documents you need.

For each of your courses, it is advised by an Australian tutoring website to retain a variety of labeled (or color-coded) folders. Additionally, they recommend having special filing cabinets or drawers to keep these documents organized, secure, and easy to locate.

Additionally useful is keeping a bullet journal or diary. By writing down additional key commitments, such as personal events, extracurricular activities, or chores, in between classes and your study sessions, you can better arrange your schedule for the coming weeks (or months). A well-planned schedule can help you lead a balanced life by allocating time to all of your needs and desires.

It goes without saying that discipline is key. Once you’ve established a study regimen for yourself, follow it. Try to divide your study into small chunks to avoid overloading yourself with work before the exam, which could result in fatigue.

Write Quality Study Notes

Everybody learns in a unique way. It’s crucial to identify the methods that suit you the best so you can create and arrange your study notes accordingly. Some kids learn better through the use of mind maps, while others learn better through the use of data sheets and diagrams.

It’s important to weigh the advantages of handwritten notes against digital notes. While scribbling your notes aids in memory retention and muscle training (because all HSC exams are handwritten, you’ll need to learn to write as quickly and thoroughly as you can), typing your notes makes them easily editable, accessible, and quicker to assemble.

Create The Proper Study Environment

Every student has their own perfect place for optimal study, just as every learner has their own individual learning style.

Exam preparation should be done in an atmosphere that helps you think clearly. It’s vital to avoid becoming too cozy, though, as studying in bed might easily lure you to nap or watch Netflix rather than promote efficiency.

study hacks

Make sure your space is organized and clean, to begin with. Get rid of any extra papers or objects that distract from your job and clutter up your desk. Your objective is to have a neat, organized space with only your most important belongings, such as your laptop, note cards, stationery, and study notes.

After that, stop using any tempting time-wasters, including your phone or social networking sites. Keep distracting devices out of the way and, if necessary, temporarily ban your favorite websites. By blocking access to distracting websites for a predetermined period of time, browser extensions like Limit and Stay Focused let you concentrate on critical work without distractions.

Put on some music if it facilitates your study process, but beware of songs that detract from rather than enhance your performance. For instance, electronic dance music may be more distracting than Beethoven’s or Mozart’s classical music.

Don’t Be Afraid To Ask For Help

Your family, friends, and teachers are all available to assist you if necessary. You don’t have to prepare for the HSC on your own; if you need assistance with anything, just ask others around you.

It would be worthwhile to form a study group with people who have the same classes as you if it helps. You don’t even have to be in the same room to have a successful video call session.

Group study sessions are excellent for discussing novel concepts and delving into challenging complex subjects. Make sure you have a mechanism in place to maintain everyone’s attention and productivity, though, as these gatherings can easily devolve into informal hangouts rather than useful discussions. It is advised that each meeting of these groups have a designated “leader” who can organize the agenda and keep everyone on task.

Your family can assist you in your preparation by quizzing you on your study materials and assuming the roles of “students” to whom you can impart knowledge. Be careful to include this in your process because research has shown that you can recall up to 90% of what you teach.

Of course, don’t hesitate to ask your teachers for any additional materials or help. The people who spent your high school years instructing you on what you need to know are the ones who can provide feedback on your academic achievement, suggestions for improvement, and any additional materials to aid.

Set up one-on-one meetings with your teachers or send out a few emails to get helpful study tips and HSC guidance.

Don’t Forget Your Well-Being

Above all else, remember to take care of yourself.

You don’t have to sacrifice your physical and mental health for the grade, despite how stressful the HSC can be. Make sure you continue to consume a balanced diet and obtain the required 7-8 hours of sleep per night. In this hectic time of your high school career, eight cups of coffee each day and packaged, processed snacks may seem like convenient options, but they will only make you less productive.

Study hacks

Maintain a high level of energy between study sessions by getting enough sleep, eating well, and exercising. Of course, make sure you give yourself time to unwind, whether it’s watching a movie by yourself or going out and having a good time with friends. Rewarding yourself for your efforts will ensure that you remain motivated.

Naturally, by keeping the remainder of these pointers in mind, you may make this undeniably stressful time a little more manageable – and get excellent outcomes on top of that!

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