It’s that time of year again – back-to-school season! As a parent, you want to set your child up for success and ensure they have a great start to the new school year. But how can you do that? In this blog, we’ll cover three ways to help your child get off to a great start and set them up for a successful academic year.

Start with a positive mindset

One of the most important things you can do to help your child have a successful school year is to start with a positive mindset. Talk to your child about how they’re feeling about the new school year and address any anxieties or concerns they may have. Encourage them to view the upcoming year as a fresh start and an opportunity for growth and learning.

It’s also important to model a positive attitude yourself. Show excitement for the upcoming year, and highlight the opportunities and experiences that await your child. When you have a positive attitude, your child is more likely to adopt the same mindset.

Establish a routine

Establishing a routine is key to setting your child up for success. Children thrive on routine and structure, and having a set schedule can help them feel more organized and in control. Here are some ways you can establish a routine:

Set a consistent bedtime

A consistent bedtime is crucial for ensuring your child gets enough sleep, which is essential for academic success. Determine how much sleep your child needs based on their age, and set a consistent bedtime that allows for the recommended amount of sleep.

Plan a morning routine

Having a set morning routine can help your child start the day off on the right foot. Plan out a morning routine that includes time for breakfast, getting dressed, and any other necessary tasks. Stick to this routine each morning to help your child feel more organized and prepared for the day.

Schedule homework time

Homework time should also be included in your child’s daily routine. Set a consistent time each day for homework, and create a plan for how much time should be spent on each subject. This will help your child stay on top of their assignments and develop good study habits.

Schedule homework time

Create a designated study space

Having a designated study space can help your child focus and stay motivated. This space should be quiet, well-lit, and free from distractions. Consider investing in a comfortable chair and desk, as well as organizational tools like a bulletin board or file folders.

Encourage your child to personalize their study space with things like motivational posters or family photos. This can help them feel more connected to their learning and stay inspired throughout the year.


Getting your child off to a great start for the new school year requires effort and intentionality. By starting with a positive mindset, establishing a routine, and creating a designated study space, you can set your child up for success and help them achieve their academic goals. Cosmos Coaching recommends 3 ways to help your child start the new school year off right. First, establish a routine that includes regular study time and breaks. Second, set goals with your child to keep them motivated and focused. Third, consider tutoring in Parramatta for high school students to provide extra support and help them excel academically. Our experienced tutors can provide personalized assistance in a variety of subjects, boosting your child’s confidence and performance. With these tips, your child can have a successful start to the school year and achieve their academic goals.