Why Cosmos

Cosmos is the best HSC coaching in Parramatta Sydney, Australia for year 7 to year 12 students. They have immense experienced tutors to teach the students every type of subject like English, Mathematics, Science (Chemistry, Physics), and Tech Program.

Explain the topics clearly, and break them into smaller chunks that are easier to understand.
Uses a moderation process that includes strict quality control to make sure the outcomes.
Takes care of their students’ well-being so that they feel interested in studying.


At Cosmos, we build foundation and prepare students to score the best marks for the Maths and Science HSC exams.
​Our aim is to educate students in Maths, Science and Tech while making them interested in careers related to these subjects.


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Our Strategy

Interactive Lectures

Multiple lecture classes every week teach students new content from the syllabus. Exercise problems are explained on the board by the teacher and students are allowed to attempt questions and ask doubts.

Detailed notes are provided by our teachers along with a diverse collection of solved problems that can be reviewed later by students.

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In Class Assessment

Students are assessed based on in class tests, quizzes and assignments conducted every week. Few assessments can be completed online while the rest are completed in class.

This helps students practice a wide variety of questions and also analyze their performance in different topics.

Practical Demonstrations

Science experiments and practical demonstrations help students get a hands on approach on their study content. This turns boring topics to interesting ones which leads to students performing better in their exams.

Tech Classes

Tech classes conducted during the weekends teach students the following skills:

Programming languages (C++, HTML, Java)
3D Designing software (AutoCAD, Fusion360)
3D Printing
Building and driving radio controlled vehicles

High School Tutoring In Parramatta

The shift to high school is followed by a variety of modifications in educational standards and activities. At Cosmos Coaching Center, we have specialised and devoted tutoring in Parramatta to support the child in all aspects of learning in which they have difficulties. Our high school tuition service specialises in HSC Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics and Technology.

High School Ranking in Parramatta

Our tutors are engineering/medical students studying at UTS at UNSW who have scored 95+ ATAR. They are experienced in delivering exam guidance, tips and tricks needed to score the best marks in high school examination in Parramatta. We not only train students to get succeed high School Ranking in the HSC but also help them continue to learn the critical skills needed by employers, such as leadership, problem-solving and interpersonal skills. We are proud to present you our Tech classes where students are taught various programming languages and 3D designing software. Our professional Parramatta tutors serve as personal mentors and are sincerely focused on helping our students excel in every phase of life.

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Cosmos Coaching is a Reliable and Credible HSC Tutoring Centre with a focus on interactive learning that suits the learning needs of all students. Interactive lectures in conjunction with hands-on help ensure that students are able to understand and interpret the syllabus thoroughly. Our teaching is modified to reflect the changes in the syllabus and is continuously altered to provide the best service possible. Our easy to use online service provides a holistic approach to high school with comprehensive resources and tools for success. Choosing Cosmos for your learning needs will allow you to relax knowing you are backed by trustworthy mentors and their knowledge.

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