It’s study time, and we all know how stressful it can be to have a deadline approaching. It can be tempting to cram. However, there is much more to learn, so we are here to share a guide for HSC students we’ve gathered from students and our experts at Cosmos the best HSC tutoring in Sydney.

1. Having a proper routine is the key. 

Create a schedule by designating a specific time each day for studying and revising, then follow it. To assist you to have some consistency in your day, try to start and end at the same time every day. Also, be careful not to finish too late at night because sleep is essential for concentration and memory.

2. Establish a setting for studying that encourages productivity. 

When you’re supposed to be studying, it can be tempting to browse through Instagram quickly—which, let’s face it, is never quick—or to put Netflix on “in the background.” To keep you feeling awake and focused, set up your study area away from the television and other sources of distraction. Also, make sure the area is well-ventilated and illuminated. Decide how you learn best and stick with it because everyone learns best in their own way.

3. Create a schedule. 

Create a study schedule for yourself. It is possible to organize your study schedule so that you can cover every subject without being overwhelmed.

4. Study more wisely. 

Prepare yourself; don’t cram. Rushing causes tension. Avoid trying to understand a whole chapter or term in one or two days by waiting until the last minute to start studying. Your future self will appreciate your efforts if you divide the content into more manageable portions.

5. Take care of yourself. 

Your body and mind will thank you for drinking lots of water and eating healthy foods. Limit your intake of sugary foods, and make sure you get enough sleep each night (8-10 hours is recommended). Regular exercise improves your mood, gives you more energy, and relaxes you.

6. Recognize your efforts in learning. 

So we told you not to watch Netflix or Instagram while you should be studying, but it’s okay to reward yourself for your diligence! Make a reward for yourself when you reach a goal you set for yourself (such as finishing your essay drafts). You may do something modest like listen to some music, visit with friends, or go out and about. or get a coffee. 

7. Include variation in your course of study. 

Variety is the spice of life, as they say, right? To keep it interesting, study several subjects each day and complete various kinds of assignments and revision sessions.

8. Focus and avoid interruptions. 

To reduce distractions, be prepared with all the necessary resources before you begin a study session. 

9. Test yourself again and again. 

Use sample questions from books, previous exams, or family quizzes to test your knowledge with your parents or other family members. There is never too much practice testing!

10. Ask for assistance if you need it. 

There is support available, whether it comes from your professors, parents, friends, or – of course – our subject experts.

These were some of the tips/guides about how to study for HSC students. Taking care of themselves and being mindful of the above-mentioned things will help them study wisely while also taking care of themselves. Cosmos don’t only make their students study but also takes care of their students’ well-being so that they feel interested in studying. If you’re stuck when studying for the HSC, ask for assistance from our subject experts at Cosmos; HSC Coaching in Parramatta